Marriage Counseling in Los Angeles Makes a Difference in Your Relationship

Marriage Counseling in Los Angeles Makes a Difference in Your Relationship

There are many components that go into creating and maintaining a successful marriage today. All too often, partners involved in a committed relationship today seem too willing to give up on the relationship quickly without trying to work to patch the issues they are facing. Whether you are in a marriage that has existed just for a year or have been married for many years, you can find yourself in a situation where, as a couple, the two of you feel like you have drifted apart and there is a problem.  At a time like this, seeking out marriage counseling in Los Angeles can be what is needed to make a difference in your relationship.

Learning to Communicate

One problem that seems to arise quite often among couples is that somewhere along the way the two people involved fail to communicate well with each other. You lose track of your partner’s feelings, and what helps to fulfill his or her life and the two of you seem not to know how to talk about anything anymore. Marriage counseling can help you to get to the root of the communication issues you face so you can see where things are breaking down and learn what it takes to become open again. Once you re-learn how to communicate, you will find that a large barrier has come down between you.

Gaining Understanding and Respect

When you come to see me, Dr. Yvonne Thomas, for marriage counseling in Los Angeles, I can work with both of you to help re-establish solid and productive communication. Through our sessions together, you can gain a better understanding of one another, how to respect each other and learn what it is important for happiness for each individual and you as a couple. Sessions will work to help learn about the issues you are facing, your role in the problems, and what you and your partner can do together to strengthen your bond.

An Experienced Therapist to Help You

If you are considering marriage counseling in Los Angeles, please take the time to contact me, Dr. Yvonne Thomas, so that we can talk about your marriage and arrange for sessions for you and your partner. You can learn more about me, my experience, and my practice when you visit my website at You can also call my office at 310-359-9450 to receive a free phone consultation or to arrange for an appointment so we can begin healing your marriage.

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