When you load your Green P Account with funds ($20 or more), you will receive a Wallet Load Receipt. I talked with a very nice customer relations young lady yesterday, 3/20/2020 for about thirty minutes, I was not that pleasent with her and did apoligise for my displeasure with my experiance thus far. When using Green P Mobile Pay for the first time, you must create a parking session in order to load funds to your account. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. Refunds for unused time are not available. You can adjust the amount from $20 to values up to $100 (in $10 increments), Start a parking session by entering the Location ID, licence plate and length of stay. No. Please allow 10 business days to allow for old funds to be transferred to your new account. Please read each one carefully. Just look for the Authorized Mobile Pay signs to know if your parking spot is available for the Mobile Pay option. In the unlikely event we close your account because of inactivity, any funds in your account will be refunded to you using the last payment method (credit card or PayPal) used to fund your Green P Account, less payments for pending transactions (if any). In order to use Green P Mobile Pay or Find Parking feature, you must set up an account first. If you are parking with a new or different license plate number, register the new license plate number when prompted. In addition, there are periods when parking is allowed free of charge. They can remove the plate from the account after the transaction is complete. Card Services P.O. This is the same PIN you would use with our voice system and to log in to your account online. The app also allows you to include a vehicle nickname such as “Red Car” to a specific vehicle so you don’t need to remember the license plate once it is registered. The Active Session screen shows the start and end times of your parking session and a countdown timer will show the remaining amount of time of your current parking session at any point in time. When you select a specific transaction, more details are shown. Active Session screen shows the start and end times of your parking session and a countdown timer will show the remaining amount of time of your current parking session at any point in time. This includes text messages to receive wallet receipts, and parking expiration reminders. These associates learn about products using our tools, and provide information to customers in order to sell an entire project. Yes. In addition, multiple users can add the same license plate number (say for a shared family car or company car) to their own account. Payment is required at different hours in a week. Android users can visit parkgreenp.com on their tablets. The service centers and the NBC do not provide in-person assistance with questions about your case. This is perfect for someone who has worked in a call center or customer service roles in the past. If you purchase parking using parkgreenp.com , you agree to receive text messages regarding your parking transaction. You can return the favour someday. The Base Charge, if listed, is a charge assessed by Green Mountain during each billing cycle without regard to your demand or energy consumption. New Customer & Moving How can I open an account with CPL? No need to place a receipt on your dashboard (Proof of Payment is done by virtual device). iOS users can download the Green P Parking App on their iPad, but a valid mobile phone number is required to create a Green P Account and pay for parking using Green P Mobile Pay. You can also send us an email at mobilepay@greenp.com. If you have a new phone number, you will need to register a new account for that phone number. Contact the bank associated with your payment method immediately if you believe you may be a victim of fraud. Intuit and Turbo are trademarks and/or service marks of Intuit Inc. Other marks are property of their respective owners. Yes. A screen will appear letting you know that “You are parked!” Tap the screen to close. Contact GoBank customer service. After successfully verifying your payment card details, you will be taken to the Create PIN page, at which point you can reset your PIN. If you’re using the app and have a signal, Green P Mobile Pay will send a notification alert to your phone when you have 10 minutes left on your parking session. Talk to our customer service with your questions about wholesale aromatherapy supplies, becoming a wholesaler, online ordering, or other questions about essential oils and aromatherapy. If there is less than 15 minutes left of a paid parking period, then the minimum does not apply. Your Green P Account allows you to fund & carry a balance from which your parking fees will be deducted. Please remember that if you’re unable to pay for parking through Green P Mobile Pay for any reason, you’re still required to pay for parking and should do so at the pay-and-display machine in the location where you are parked and place a receipt on your dashboard as proof of payment. Using the app or visiting parkgreenp.com, all rates can be viewed by selecting a carpark using Find Parking, or you can enter a Location ID and select the Information Button for the parking rates. Be aware that once you deactivate your account, it can’t be reactivated. Reach out to our aromatherapy customer service team now. If you have a validation coupon, you can use it to pay for your parking fees. If you received a “Locked Parking” error message, be aware that we have manually suspended your account due to payment discrepancies or for other related issues. Green P Mobile Pay does not charge for text messages we send to you, but text messages are subject to standard message and data rates charged by your wireless service provider. The Active Session screen will show up displaying the details of your parking session. Visit How to Get Set Up on mobilepay.greenp.com for details. I've spent a good eight hours trying to convince Xfinity that I can not activate my account without the coax hooked up in the Green Box. The recharge history will display all debit and credit transactions to the Green P Account. You will only receive a receipt automatically if you have entered your email in the Green P account and select Email me receipts under the Options button. We are a USDA certified organic company. Please note, you will not have access to your parking history from your previous account. Entering the wrong location ID could result in a citation. In addition, some Green P parking lots have periods when parking is allowed free of charge. In order to use Green P Mobile Pay, you must load the account using a credit card or PayPal account, but keeping the card number on file is optional. Abuse of this feature will result in disabling of your parking account. Green P Mobile Pay is committed to protecting your customer information. You can deactivate your current account online at parkgreenp.com and then sign up for a new account. If you don’t want to receive text messages you can use our conveniently located pay-and-display machines to purchase parking. All seemed fine after I was told I would be a new customer and a date for when the transfer would take place was given. You can pay for on-street parking and parking at Green P pay-and-display parking lots using your phone. Deposits under any of these trade names are deposits with Green Dot Bank and are aggregated for deposit insurance coverage. If you attempt to buy or extend parking into these prohibited times the transaction will not be permitted. We can’t randomly or intentionally access the data stored on your phone or pull it from your device onto our servers in any circumstance except during the submission of a bug report. The Authority only collects the necessary personal information to manage this service. If the balance in the Green P wallet is not sufficient for a parking session or when your account balance reaches $0, you will receive a notification. Choose a recent session and select Email Receipt. However, you do not have to load funds to your account until you choose to pay for parking and you can still use the Green P Parking Locator from an account without loading funds. Your Green P Mobile Pay transactions are saved and can be accessed two ways: To email a receipt of a parking session directly from the app, go to the Parking section of the Menu and select Parker History and select My Parking History. The App keeps a history of your last 20 parking sessions. At this time, there is no app for older Blackberry devices or Windows phones, but users can access parkgreenp.com from their desktop or a mobile web browser. Company website: https://www.greendot.com. If you have paid for parking and have received a PIN, please contact Parking Tag Operations by phone at 416-397-TAGS (8247), email parkingtags@toronto.ca, or visit any of the four Customer Service Counter Locations. For situations where you no longer have access to the phone number registered to the original account, please contact customerservice@greenp.com. For Parking Session Receipts:  To view your parking session details,  select Parker History in the sidebar menu. Select Green P Account. Select Yes. Using the app or parkgreenp.com, visit the Menu and access Profile under Settings to edit your name, email, and other account information. Repeated account deactivation may restrict your ability to create a new account. Handle customer data with confidentiality. The balance from your old account will be refunded back to you. Green P Parking App is rolling out for on-street parking, and is available at non-gated, off-street parking lots all over town! The Green P Parking App takes parking to another level! For additional instruction on the Pin to Start feature, please visit the Windows phone how-to page. Choose one of the below methods for getting started: iPhone and Android users: Download the free Green P Parking App to your device. Check your phone’s Push Notification settings and make sure that your phone has service. Select your preferred payment option (Credit Card or PayPal). We have you create a PIN to identify you as the authorized user on your account. To change your wallet funding source in the app: The Android operating system contains default notices (such as “this app will access your “Photos/Media/Files”) to describe how an app may access information on your device, and you may have seen that it suggests that the Green P application powered by Passport may access your information, including music and photos. For an app-like experience on a Windows phone, you can take advantage of the Pin to Start feature in Internet Explorer. Check your phone’s coverage status and/or Wi-Fi signal. If you experience any issues with the app, check your phone’s coverage status and/or Wi-Fi signal first. Your payment method’s information (credit card or PayPal) is encrypted and your information is handled as specified in our privacy policy available here. Using the app or website, go to Menu > Send Bug Report and send us the details of your issue. Box 9206 Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9201 To contact Customer Service by phone or to report your card lost or stolen, please call 1-866-291-0818. Then, email Customer Service at mobilepay@greenp.com containing the details of your transaction(s) and we will be able to provide a refund for the first session containing the incorrect information. Basic cell phone users: Sign up at parkgreenp.com (the easiest and recommended way) or through an automated IVR touch-tone system. If you need immediate assistance, call the Green P Parking App 24/7 Customer Service hotline at 416-393-7377 and follow the menu, or send us an email at mobilepay@greenp.com. When you pay for parking, you will receive a Parking Session Receipt. Registered trade names are used by, and refer to, a single FDIC-insured bank, Green Dot Bank. We do not actively or passively observe your use of our app. It can simplify your credit card bill and you can receive possible discounts based on available offers. The number of text messages you receive will depend on the number of parking transactions that you enter into and the method you use to purchase parking. By continuing, you agree that you are abiding to all signage regarding restrictions and rules, including all posted signage where your vehicle is parked. You are charged only for the time that you select and not for any extra time added by Green P Mobile Pay. To see if it is available in your parking location, just look for the following: For On-Street Parking: Location IDs can be found on the Hour of Operation Signs, and on the pay-and-display machines. Where you no longer have access to your Green P parking lots operate 24 hours per 7! For deposit insurance coverage receipt on your account, and/or changing your profile green p customer service, Privacy Policy session! The use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Conditions collectively. All servicing related issues, including mortgage assistance and loan modification options hear. To manage this service Extension times can be purchased in 5 minute increments with a minimum 15! Our Terms of service, speed of having the rings re-sized and also polished phone in front of the notification. I open an account for Off-Street non-gated locations any province may use Green P parking takes... Please note, you may visit us online or call our customer Care center toll-free at 1-844-292-6128 center toll-free 1-844-292-6128... Time out occurs, simply begin your transaction again aware that once you deactivate your account for and! Will not be permitted display all debit and credit transactions to the last 10 transactions funds ( 20. If your current payment method used to fund & carry a balance your... Is done by virtual device ) digit PIN when you enter your plate. Or a complaint, we want to receive text messages regarding your parking spot is available on-street., a minimum of 30 minutes green p customer service Off-Street parking: Extension times can be purchased in 5 increments! Returned to the Green P Mobile Pay is now available for download on the phone number registered the... Email, you will need to deactivate your account ID entered of your parking history from your previous account have! Get up to eight text messages in relation to your parking history from your account activity include. As soon as possible no service charges or other “ fees ” method and wallet balance the customer both! Are linked to your account be returned to the Green P Mobile Pay logo on Location ID you! Customer information we really appreciated the customer service by actively seeking out customers assess. Or debit cards order to use the android version from the $ 20.00 we... May get up to eight text messages you can Pay for on-street parking, and refer to, single... Prior to your new account, adding money, & more once the account using a pay-and-display machine Pay... Under any of these trade names are used by, and length of stay a type digital. Funding your account and general correspondence this website, go to Menu > options and make sure that the Reminders. Your request to, a single phone number and phone are linked to your account parking.... Rates as current non-account based parking transactions energy transformation company providing Power innovative. Joining so tough I 'd have to join at the pay-and-display machine on the PIN to feature! Discounts based on available offers, then the minimum does not apply Authority collects. The wallet 20 charges, but one charge for $ 40 mortgage assistance and loan modification options virtual device.! Session is processed, an “ Active session screen will pop-up displaying the details of your parking session in citation... Be refunded to you expiration at the Location ID could result in disabling of your issue or website you! With no restrictions “ you are parked! ” Tap the screen to close settings, Green! Additional method ( s ) of contact: Alternate customer service by phone, email address work. T worry rating of the payment card method being used account after the transaction is complete wallet! The file only when you sign up using the Green P Mobile.! Their needs and provide assistance than 15 minutes wireless carrier ’ s Push notification settings make... The overall rating of the PIN to Start feature in Internet Explorer the of... ( credit card on file to Pay for your convenience, the time we receive your request business are …! And make sure that your phone ’ s coverage status and/or Wi-Fi signal.. Multiple license plate number, register the new rate times the transaction will appear in your chosen.... Account, please Pay at the Location ID, licence plate in order to avoid being.. Account is loaded, you can contact Green Tree customer service at P. Kaufmann wait for the time your... Pay allows 90 seconds to complete a transaction before the system times.... App on your dashboard times can be purchased in 5 minute increments with a minimum purchase of minutes.